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Hej Finn Vi vil gerne deltage. Mvh Maybritt og Thomas #1571
lynne1 29-06-2022 16:47
Hej Kaj Det lyder spændene, vi kommer også meget gerne og fejre dig
Ib Carlsen 29-06-2022 16:24
Hej Finn! Vi siger PIP til d. 6juni. M.V.H. Jane og Jens
Jens Damgaard 29-06-2022 12:25
Hej Finn. Jeg vil gerne med på turen til Andst. Venlig hilsen #1437 I
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Hej Kaj Fremragende invitation… vi kommer gerne Med vettehilsen Han
Karen M 28-06-2022 12:08
Vi er inviteret til at besøge firmaet Dansk Motorfinans i Andst, som
Finn #105 28-06-2022 09:24
Vi er inviteret til at besøge firmaet Dansk Motorfinans i Andst, som
Finn #105 28-06-2022 09:20
Hej Kaj. Vi vil gerne deltage i dit mini træf og fejre din dag Jonna
Skak 27-06-2022 20:32
Stor tak for en rigtig god vette weekend, i dejlige omgivelser, god ma
Anni 27-06-2022 15:42
Sikke en dejlig weekend! Stor tak til arrangørerne af dette års somm
moesgaard 27-06-2022 13:24

Corvette Corral aux 24 Heures du Le Mans 2022


Dear Corvette lovers


At last: the invite for this year’s Corvette Corral at the fabulous Le Mans 24 Hours.


Every year has been fun (except 2020!), different, the best ones obviously when we were on the podium (many of these!), thanks to formidable drivers, superb engineering by Pratt & Miller, dedicated and persistent GM & Corvette Racing commitment, incredible help from Nancy & team, Anastasia & Dominique, stunning food from Olivier, Martine, Joyce & teams

… and, very importantly, your continuous, enthusiastic support to the brand and the Corral: well done!


This year promises to be exceptional: on the track, the young C8R is encountering very thirsty and serious competition: there will be heat out there! At the Corral -again on the great Le Mans horse race track location- we’ll have the immense privilege to enjoy the presence of Oliver Gavin (yes: you read correctly!) and Sebastian Becker, his OGDA partner (Oliver Gavin Driving Academy: as neighbors: that’s a guaranteed recipe for incredible insider tips, race information and…just fun! Oliver will be busy most of the time with several of OGDA’s first clients but he promised to plan some time slots only for you, your questions, friendship, encouragements for his new endeavor, log in for a driving class, signing your Corvette hood… whatever!!


Joining them will be GM Europe management and representatives from auto and racing media, and we again expect a very interesting visit from GM executives linked to Corvette and the racing programs: this is really showing how important you are in GM’s eyes. Who knows what news they have in store for us!!!?


What a great perspective, I hope many of you will find the way to Le Mans in June to honor all of our guests and have a great time!


Now, time to fill in your requests, via the usual, attached signup form.

A few prices were adjusted, some up (sorry!) and some down (you’re welcome!) to reflect costs.

Concerning race passes: I do order them ahead in large quantity to secure the group rate but remember:

-          Kids under 16 do not need passes

-          If you are ACO member or a student, please order your pass directly as it will be cheaper than the group rate (bring ACO card/proof of school enrollment)

-          Race passes allow one entry at the Musée des 24 Heures, on-site


Thanks for returning the form asap (one per car) for better planning.


We have created a WhatsApp group to give participants ongoing information about the Corral activities during the race week: join in (see also QR-code below)!

To share your messages and photos, rather use the Corvette Corral at Le Mans facebook page.


See you there very soon, best regards


Le Mans
09.06. – 12.06.2022