Le Mans 2017

Her finder du kommende og tidligere arrangementer, samt fælleskørsel og "snak" og diskussion om Træf.
Gert Andersen
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Re: Le Mans 2017

Indlægaf Gert Andersen » 8. maj 2017, 10:41

GP tours vil meget gerne have nogle flere biler ned til vores Corvette lejr, så de tilbyder nu kør selv turen, med ophold for 2 i Bungalow for i alt 7500 kr.
I forhold til prisen i CCD nyt (11980) er det en besparelse på 38%.
Bliv nu tilmeldt.

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Re: Le Mans 2017

Indlægaf gptours » 8. maj 2017, 21:49

Vores drøm og mål er 10 corvetter på pladsen. Lykkes det, er vi klar på et sponsorat på kr 10000 til klubben

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Re: Le Mans 2017

Indlægaf C4JOY1 » 10. maj 2017, 14:17

Hej Alle
Gerard fra den europæiske corvette klup har også givet lyd, her er hvad han skriver, han har også vedsendt et tilmeldingsskema som jeg sender til jer der vil deltage i Gerards lejr.
Leif #422

Dear Corvette aficionados

Here it is : the invite to spend an exciting long weekend supporting our C7R heroes at the greatest race on earth: the Le Mans 24 Hours!!( Don’t get me wrong, Indianapolis is good stuff too!)

GM’s European organization and Corvette Racing have renewed their trust in our Corvette Corral, a trust earned through your faithful commitment and great attitude over the 15 years we’ve organized it.

Please fill up the attachment, rename it yours and return it to me as soon as possible, so that we can plan as efficiently as possible.

This year, we’ll move again, a few hundred meters closer to the South Entrance; the new place is in the “Technoparc des 24 Heures” itself, actually right there: https://www.google.fr/maps/dir/47.9425008,0.2172737

It is fenced in and quite safe: access into the Technoparc is only to vehicles with proper badge. The grounds have been stabilized with gravel, which would avoid the pretty messy situation we had last year in case of rain. Historically, participants have camped on site: no better way to live the race than roughing it a bit for a couple of nights! But please contact me if you are seeking a more comfortable accommodation, knowing that those can cost up to several hundred euros per night!

You will find again most of the amenities you are accustomed to at the Corral, albeit under a slightly tighter budget: party tent, private showers, WC, raffle, Show ‘n Shine, the Corvette Bar, good food, free water and coffee, free breakfasts, you name it. Not to mention the cool staff!

Entrance to the Corral have to reflect increased net cost of the land, and ACO passes went up! We've been able to keep the rest at same cost as last year!

In any case, it is the enthusiasm and heart you put in it which makes the Corral a fantastic event!

New this year: we have booked 2 grandstands seats (Tribune 19, facing the stands!) which will be shared in 2-hour periods. The first raffle drawing (Saturday lunch time) will enable winners to choose when they will enjoy those seats. Double chance: tickets will again be eligible for the regular raffle, taking place on Saturday night.

At this point, no word of possible Track Laps and I wouldn’t hold my breath for that: there’s less and less track time and costs have skyrocketed.

On the good side: Corvette Racing has asked us to again provide cars for Friday’s Parade! Coming with a C1 will secure an entry in the Parade and a financial contribution; a C2 will greatly increase your chances of participating in it as well.

Well…to your questionnaire now!

More details will follow as we near the date of the C7R Revenge!!!

Very best regards and see you soon

Gérard Planche

+33 (0) 685 05 09 37

Henrik Berg
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Re: Le Mans 2017

Indlægaf Henrik Berg » 21. apr 2018, 21:47

Hanne og Henrik vil gerne tilmelde sig. Nå nej det var jo sidste år. Til vedkomne der står for siden. Hvorfor ligger det stadigvæk øverst. Hallo

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